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Welcome to EnconomicTrends.Stat

What is EconomicTrends.Stat

EconomicTrends.Stat is the data warehouse that collects and organizes the economic statistics produced by Istat in order to make them more easily accessible to the different types of users involved (researchers, policy makers, journalists, citizens).

Data are organized in a homogeneous and coherent way and they are upgraded monthly or quarterly. When provided it is also published the annual data.

How does EconomicTrends.Stat work?

Statistical data are grouped by themes and topics. EconomicTrends.Stat can be queried by keyword or by theme.

Data are organized in multidimensional tables, which users can export in xls, csv and sdmx formats. In addition, users can obtain customized tables and graphs changing variables, reference periods and heads and sides of the tables, according to their objectives.

Each dataset presents the most relevant queries. Interested users are also provided with full datasets (bulk download); in this case data may have more information compared with the prepared queries (more detailed by territory or annual data).

Machine-to-machine access to data

A machine-to-machine queryable web-service allows users to access data, make specific queries, download and export datasets to their web sites, information systems, databases, web portals etc. Data are available in the international standard format for statistical data, SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange).

The service is accessible at the following address:


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